I chose to make an app that addressed a gap in the market that would allow parents to meet other parents through looking at profiles, attending classes and going to meetups. During research I found that nothing was out there given current meeting paths.

Made with:

Sketch - designs

Invision - prototype (go click around)

Maze - usability testing (test it)


CharleeDeck-1 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-2 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-3 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-4 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-5 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-6 (dragged).png
painpoints-7 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-7 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-8 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-9 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-10 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-11 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-12 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-13 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-14 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-15 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-16 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-17 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-18 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-19 (dragged).png
CharleeDeck-20 (dragged).png